Icarus and Aria tells the story of a star college football player and his unlikely love, the teenage daughter of the football team's owner. Icarus comes from a poor family in the barrio, and struggles to separate himself from his brother, Primalo, who leads the latino organized crime ring El Imaginero and will not easily let Icarus escape his influence. This struggle becomes more intense as Icarus tries to find a way out before he and Aria become caught in the crossfire.

Icarus and Aria is a co-production of Gracia Films and Warmblooded Productions and is directed by Jessica Grace Wing. It is based on the verse play of the same name by Kirk Wood Bromley. Principal photography wrapped in March; the film is now in post-production with an expected release date of late summer 2001. The running length will be approximately 15 minutes. For more information, contact the producer, Chad Gracia, at cgracia@graciagroup.com.


Icarus (Donald Lopez) signs his contract in the Jones house and gets his first look at Aria

Aria (Emilie Jacobs) alone in the city

Icarus in the locker room

Icarus & Aria play hooky, not realizing the chaos they have left behind

Primalo (Joshua Spafford)

Jimmy Jones Jr (Matt Daniels), Aria's brother, goes to look for her when she turns up missing