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Bisan Toron (voice) recently graduated from New York University as a vocal performance major. She has lived in Syria, France and now New York City, where she performs and composes.

Erich Schoen-Rene (cello) is a graduate of Bard college. He currently plays and studies in New York City.

Ellen Koehler (percussion) has years of experience in a variety of drumming styles. She is also an actress and the manager of the salon theater.


Invocations (:54)
My Soul's Joy (1:41)
The Enchafed Flood (:46)
Requiem (3:21)
Habe Keine Angst (8:11)
Sacrifice (6:07)

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Now available on CD:


the musical score by Jessica Grace Wing

"haunting chants and dirges"
--the New York Times




Jessica Grace Wing (composer) is a 26-year-old New York composer and sound designer. A classically-trained pianist from childhood, her musical path took her through such diverse genres as punk, ambient, goth and trip-hop, including collaborations with Weird Blinking Lights, Warmblooded Love, and members of Machines of Loving Grace, before her interests returned to classical instrumentation. Aside from music, she is a film-maker; her short film "Candy & Dwayne" won the 1997 City College of San Francisco Short Cinema Festival. Prior to her move to New York last fall, she worked under electro-acoustic artist Naut Humon as one of the developers of the Sound Traffic Control sound system, a massive three-dimensional electronic musical instrument.

1. Invocation
2. My Soul's Joy
3. Desdemona
4. Arabian Trees
5. the Enchafed Flood
6. a World of Sighs
7. Black Vengeance
8. Invocations
9. Cyprian Dance
10. Willow (solo cello)
11. Willow
12. Sacrifice
13. Requiem
14. Habe Keine Angst


This album derives from music first performed in spring of 1998 as live accompaniment to production of Shakespeare's Othello at the Salon Theater in New York City. Produced by Legend, the play was directed by Randolph Curtis Rand and starred Joshua Spafford, Al Benditt and Robyn Hussa.

Taking its cue from the performance and text, the score encompasses a wide range of mood and tone, from seething jelousy to the raucous joy of a street fair. The three-person ensemble of cello, percussion and voice sat in intimate proximity to the stage and were able to react to and take part in the action; in one highlight, Othello, contemplating the murder of the sleeping Desdemona, circles her bed, lit only by a ring of candles, while the musicians perform the slow arabic lament "Sacrifice."


The music takes influences both from modern composers like Arvo Part and Lisa Gerrard and from classical Arabic and Egyptian music. It is a unique blend of lyrical melodies, non-western scales and trills, spellbinding incantations, and ominous percussion, leading up to a powerful requiem as the play ends in tragedy and death. The music is highlighted by the voice of Syrian singer Bisan Toron.

While the music was shortened for live performance during the run of Othello, the enthusiastic response of the audience and reviewers to the musical score encouraged us to make the complete score available for general release. In the extended version contained on the CD recording, the score stands alone as a complete musical work. The CD also includes a bonus track -- "Habe Keine Angst," an eight-minute trio for cello, violin and viola recorded in 1996.