Just wrapped! A 15-minute film based on the play by Kirk Wood Bromley. More information and stills are now available.

Candy & Dwayne  

Black and White, 16mm, 3 minutes 

Winner, City College of San Francisco International  Short Cinema Festival, June 1997 

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current projects

Warmblooded Productions is currently seeking funding and crew members for the following projects:

Fattibaldi's Last Note
A 7-minute, black and white, 16mm farce in which the world-famous tenor Fattibaldi is saved from the humiliation of a terrible review by basking in the love of his fans. Plenty of diva behavior and a gorgeous aria to boot.

A 5-minute black-and-white short with no dialogue in which America is besieged by a new drug that makes its users temporarily de-matierialize. Stylistically modelled on drug-scare films circa 1950.

completed films 

Sex on the Beach (1998) 
Color,  sound, 8 minutes 
A black comedy of manners in which a playboy seduces women at a bar. 
Written and directed by Jessica Grace Wing; photographed by Tom Glynn; starring Joshua Spafford and Elaina Erika Davis.

This is not an Orange (1997) 
Color/Black and White,  sound, 8 minutes 
An experimental short revealing the inorganic nature of interpersonal relations. 
Written, directed, edited and photographed by Offer Egozy; sound design by Jessica Grace Wing. 

Candy & Dwayne (1996)  
Black and white, sound, 3 minutes 
An uprooted and lonely cowboy with ESP meets his match in New York City. 
Written, directed, edited and photographed by Jessica Grace Wing; music by Jessica Grace Wing and Scott Mann;  starring Yuri Skudjins, Maureen Nolan, and Wendy Walker. 

Villanelle (1996)  
Black and white, 16mm, non-sync sound, 3 minutes 
A pastoral fantasy about a girl who dreams of escaping from her daily existence, only to find herself unable to return to it. 
Written, directed, and edited by Jessica Grace Wing; photographed by Tom Glynn; starring Jessica Grace Wing, 

Gollum (1996)  
Black and white, non-sync sound, 4 minutes 
A dark, science-fiction film version of a dance in which a cyborg assassin  stalks his victim. 
Written, directed, edited, and photographed by Jessica Grace Wing; original character and choreography by Eric Dunlap; costumes by Holly Daggers; starring Eric Dunlap and Holly Daggers. 

Left (1996)  
Black and white, silent, 2 minutes 
A filmic essay on the transience of love. 
Written, directed, edited and photographed by Jessica Grace Wing; starring Rik Nagel and Wendy Walker. 

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